Summer and Patio Living

Ever since I moved to California, I am loving the idea of having dinners outside throughout the year, bbq and  so on. Even during the short summer at east coast, we have enjoyed/decorated our small balcony in a way so that we can entertain people very easily. 

Our condo in eastcoast- overlooking Empire State

Our condo in eastcoast- overlooking Empire State

When KD and I looked for apartments here in California for rent, we didn’t even realize or think of having dinners outside through out this Summer. At that point and even today(I guess), we are more focused on finding perfect little backyard where we can explore outdoor life. But our current apartment is kinda a gem to me. 

Nicely decorate patio with modern pavement, I love it everything. I have already hosted small bbq party. This is one thing, I have enjoyed almost everyday this Summer. This could be one of my inspiration for decorating/designing my new backyard. 

Let me know, how are you doing your summer entertaining?  Leave comment down below. 



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