One Home Decor Item - You will need in any room

Small Trinkets or trays are one of those items, I use it everywhere in my home as well as my clients home. When first I decorate my coffee table back in 2015, KD asked me why did you buy this? What’s the function of it, but over the time he realized, I was right about the choice of having a tray on my coffee table. I belive that, It is so versatile as well as super functional piece of decor item at the same time. Tray and trinkets are giving you more polished and put-together look in any design. After reading Emily Henderson’s book Styled, I am all about creating definition and vignette to my interior design projects. Here, I am providing you few options and illustrations where you can use in any room.

Option 1:


Option 2:




What do you think about these combinations?

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