Organic Home Decor


Growing up in India, l observed and followed so many sustainability/organic principles in my life. On that time, it was natural and original to me, there was no other option than following organic path of living. Now living here in United States, now I go back and think about that I used to keep organic damp jute on my windows to carry cold wind in hot summer afternoon. As living in US has its own charm to it, but I would love to bring back few of those lifestyle changes which is not drastic but still its appealing. 

Ever since  I started interior design blog here, I would like to implement same principles whether it is soya candles, organic bedding (See my old blog) or home decoration items in my current reno projects. KD and I started our remodeling last spring, as it's no more near to finish, but we often talk about how our home should look like and how we can add on those organic, sustainable and ethnic touches in to our decor. 

So few of the examples are below: 

Use some traditional prints in throws and pillows. Textile can be one of the important factor to define sustainability and organic nature of the decor. 


Terra-cotta pots are one the other authentic feature. It will look elegant and chic. Using terra-cotta planters in living room is cheaper options for any one. 


Jute is so versatile material, you can find Jute material in mid-century modern, eclectic, classic or any other design styles. I love jute in general as it adds richness in any style. 


My list is still on... other than material, there are few prints such as Shibori prints, Bandhni prints and block printing can add different dimension in to organic home decor. 

For next blogpost, I would like to share few trick and tips, we started buying furniture pieces from high-end stores. 

Meanwhile, stay tuned ! 


Simple N Chic :)