Green Plants Home Decor Ideas


I am not one of those plant lady where adding green is no. 1 thing in my home interiors project but I do believe that green plans adds calmness and relax mood to the surrounding. Being home decorist and enthusiastic myself, I always fail to keep these plants in the best decorative form. As our home renovation is going to end soon, it would be good time to consult my instincts and find out types of planters 


1) Use Bamboo Baskets or overhanging planter to keep indoor plants in different dimensions. 


2) Use Concrete planters (soon to be in our shop) 


Concrete is new trend of year 2018. I will be adding few concrete planters in our shop and it will give good modern vibe. 

3) Ceramic/Wood Vase as Planter


4) Airplants 


Airplants are new way to add green in to your interior space and it is known for air purifier. I can't wait to show our new project where we added air plants in entire wall. 


What do you think about adding plants with different home decor items? 


Comment down below. 


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