3D and space planning of our home

As you all know, from my previous post KD & I are doing our home renovation. Since this process is so looong and tiring, I feel, it is rewarding. During this process, surprisingly, KD & I are in same page for my major decision taking moments. I really want to keep our grand room/living room as it is. That's one of the reason I fall in love with this space. KD agreed on my first instict and here we are with our space planning! 


Another thing, I was obsessed with bar. I really want some area where we can serve/make drinks for our guests. I like to have nice wine fridge where we can share the precious wines. 

Here is the sneak peak of our 3D:


and these are our home inspirations: 

Photos: https://www.houzz.com/photos/

Photos: https://www.houzz.com/photos/

download (2).png
download (1).png

Can't wait to show you guys, our final product. 


Meanwhile, Ciao! 

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