Bathroom Design Tips


After kitchen I feel bathroom is one of those thing where I feel bit possessive about my style and designs. As a designer and creative individual I feel that Kitchen is where you reflect your personality to outside world by entertaining them while bathrooms are the reflection of  your personal care and comfort. I always feel, if I have desired kitchen arrangement/situation and spa like bathroom I will be happiest person to enjoy the home. 

Today, I would like to share some tips or I would say few words on what makes perfect bathroom! 

So here there are: 


1) Ventilation and arrangement of the bathroom functions


Big windows in bathroom are great but at the same time, since it is very personal space, I would like to keep it more secluded.  It is extremely necessary for me to have bathroom functions like bath tubs or bathroom sink are located nearby.

2)  Use some unique materials (ps. I am obssesed with wood tiled ceramic tiles ) 


filios-sazeides-540219-unsplash (1).jpg

There is something really very unique and pleasing about carrying wood from inside to outside. Ceramic tiles are perfect way to enhance bathrooms. It is affordable, chic and easy to install. 

3) Add some spa elements to your bathroom

I feel there is always room for decorative tray in your bathroom. Whether it is your bathroom vanity, bathtub or some decorative stool in corner of your bathroom.  Also, adding natural elements such as natural flowers, scented candles or natural air diffuser can be big plus in any design. 


I think this is not the comprehensive list as an interior decorator but in my personal journey to bathroom remodels bring me these three quint essential list of tips. 

What do you think your first 3 essential things in bathroom? 


Let me know! 


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