Let's talk about Interior Design Styles


This month, I would like to talk about the style in interior design. I feel, when you talk about home every home has living space, eating space and sleeping area  but material, texture, color furniture  and pieces of home decor item are going to define the function in particular style. That's one of the reason I like to design internal spaces and making same functional spaces in 10 different styles. As an interior designer, I always ask my clients that send me some inspirational pictures instead asking "what kind of interior style you are in to?" I think interior design styles can be merged in to each other, it would be good to find out perfect interior style. 


As I have mentioned in my Instagram as well as some previous blog posts about my own project. Beside my personal project,  I am also working on number of  projects to define functions in particular interior design style. This month I am planning to define 3 different/popular style in my blog so stay tuned! 


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