Eclectic Style Elements


When my client tells me I want my room to be design as eclectic style, I somehow feel ethnic. I feel, I need to add more ethnic pieces which speaks client's personal taste and origin. It also give me an opportunity to play with these styles with different color and textures. So before I go on and on and on, let's talk about some of the points how to pull together eclectic style and ending this great month of styling. 

Add jewel tones + cultural pieces and some creative art in same interior design frame.
— Simple 'N' Chic
For me Ecelectic style is all about some big bold signature furniture piece! :)
— Simple 'N' Chic
Look for client’s cultural heritage, being Indian for me adding elements like traditional handwoven carpet in kitchen is must but every person can find her/his own signature piece like this.
— Simple 'N' Chic

Hope you guys have great long weekend ! I will come up with some other series next month :) 


Simple 'N' Chic