Selection of Kitchen Cabinets

(Inspiration Photo 1) 

(Inspiration Photo 1) 

In my opinion, Kitchen is the biggest and most important part in any home design. When KD and I decided to take plunge on our big renovation project  - our first instinct was to ripped down our old kitchen and give new face to the kitchen. The whole kitchen was functional but not to our style. As a couple, we love to host parties and invite friends, the location of the kitchen is currently totally separated from entertaining area. But out of all concerns, kitchen cabinets is the key feature which makes or define the character of the kitchen. 


When we started looking in to kitchen cabinets, my designer instinct kicks in. Currently in the US market, there are three types of kitchen cabinets: 1) Fully Custom,  2) Semi-Custom, 3) Imported  

  1.  Fully Custom: In this type, you are getting all the liberty and bells & whistles. But it comes with big  price tag! KD & I are still beginning in our life of home owners, we are not sure that this will be our forever home. So we decided to exclude this option. 
  2. Semi-Custom: Generally all Semi-Custom cabinetry are made out of maple wood. There drawers are nicely dove-tailed and there are ample amount options available when it comes style, color and stains. We looked in to it and we decided, this option is good but still it was lacking some of the modern vibe, as a couple we were looking at. 
  3. Imported: This category is bit tricky one, it is one of the cheapest among all options. Also, it has very few options when it comes to style, color and paint/stains. We found out awesome company called Cliq Studios and Alice Cabinetry. Cliq Studio provide factory direct cabinets which are made in US while Alice Cabinetry gets wood from Canada and made cabinets in china. Once it arrives in US, it is assemble in US. Both these company had their own people who designs our cabinet types using their customized software and kitchen dimensions. We told them our requirments on pull-outs vs draweres vs shelves. 


The whole process to get to know this awesome market was mind-blowing for KD. Together we learned so much about our lifestyle and needs. As a designer I used to think that, we define spaces in a way  thus it forces anyone to define their lifestyle but this is totally different journey, KD & I felt.

At the end, we decided to go for BIrch Kitchen Cabinets made from Alice Cabinets. We love their customer service  and their design options. 

Can't wait to share our theme  and design styles in next blogpost. 


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