Bedding Choices - for Master Bed


KD and I are buying our bedding sets for years from Bed, Bath & Beyond and some random places. At this point I have plenty of unused and unwanted bedsheets, top sheets and all which I would like to get rid of. Recently we got invited to our friends where I got to see their perfectly lined bed with clean-white sheets in their master bedroom, this gave me inspiration to ask about their bedsheet. 

After this visit, I started my own research based on our sleeping habits. I decided to splurge on this as we spent 1/3 of our life in bed. I reaserched and read all these article: Huffington post Laurel & Wolf


When you search in to how to find perfect bedding or bedding 101, you will find number of articles on it. As a designer, I was aware about some of the Business to Customer companies like: Boll and Branch  Brooklinen  Parachute Home

After all these research, I bought Brooklinen Bedding. I looked in types of bedding, bedding color, style, texture  and reviews. As a designer I am so excited for you all to write down more about styling of bedding. I will also give you more updates in my insta story regarding bedding styling process. 

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I will hope to see you next week! 

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