Grow Succulent Plants as Indoor Plants


Adding greens through succulent is my favorite thing to do! Between two of us, KD has amazing green thumb while I am lacking in that department. I like growing succulent because it is comparatively easy to take care of.  This summer I decided to bring succulent plant to home. One work day, when KD came home, I grabbed him to nursery nearby and indulge awesome afternoon with nursery for succulents planting and we ended our evening with drinking in Al fesco styled bar nearby. Besides these joy which I love to share as a couple, this blogpost is all about tips and tricks we gathered during our visit. So here are the tips! 

  • Make Succulent arrangement in a way so that all the plants get chance to grow in proper way. It will give cleaner look to the overall pot. 

  • Decorate with pebbles and stones. It is misconception that Succulents like dry but some succulents like water as well! so make sure regarding type of succulents. Ask you gardener or landscaper for perfect take care guide

  • And lastly, make sure you provide enough direct sunlight to your pot. I have killed so many succulent plants because of this. Sunlight is must for succulent plants. 

Hope you guys inspired to grow some greens inside your interior decor.