Spring To-do list


Spring is one of my favorite season. (well after Fall :P) But I love to see blooming nature all around me. With spring season, we have started our reno  project but besides that I have so many plans for Simple 'N' Chic and life. So without any further due, here is my list: 



1) Designate a day of the week for big-batch meal prepping and eat them throughout week while reno is happening. 


2) Start pottery class and make one piece of pottery for new home


3) Design and build a pergola for our backyard


4) Do major spring cleaning and give overall polished look to  clothes, shoes and kitchen


5) Plan small camping (I am so nervous about this) trip with KD


6) look for perfect vintage jeans for spring weather 


7) Come up with excellent line up for new upcoming events with Simple 'N' Chic (Shhhh..... it is secret and I will keep you guys posted..stay tuned) 


What's your list? Eager to know! 



Simple 'N' Chic