Year 2018 Trend Alert: Concrete


I  moved here in United States in 2007 right after I finished my architecture program in India. My first job was in small town called Bethlehem, PA as an Intern Architect. I was fortunate enough to work in small boutique firm where I got an experience to work on residential alterations and addition projects. Now, I have my new place, I mentioned to you guys here.  But many details and room is not the way we wanted so we decided to go for extreme make over. 

Having an architecture degree in my hand, I felt some how responsible to keep my home up to the "designer standards."What that means - for me designer standards is to identify universal trends (which is not going to go out of style in a year or two) and implement it in a way to enhance the beauty of interiors in pleasing way. Phew... to many heavy talk long story short I looked in 2018 trends of interior design here and one trend impressed me a lot is "concrete and black/grey trend". As a designer and art lover, I decided to develop a product which I can incorporate in to my interior design. So here they are: Tiny pink plates. 


Tiny pink plates can be food safe and use as dessert plate or appetizer plate. These plates can be use as ring tray or small make up holder. Tiny pink plates will be in our shop soon!! 



Along with this product update, I am starting to provide initial free consultation for interior design your room or place. Contact us here for free consultation