Choosing Colors and Filling Colors


As you all know from my previous blog posts, KD and I are going through big renovations. When we decided to renovate, as a designer/artist, I made thumb rule to stick to certain colors in neutral color palette and tie each other. I am really excited to go through this journey with KD as he has really good tast when it comes to designing home. As a designer, I would like to implement transitional/farmhouse vintage feel in to it, while KD has his own style when it comes to interior designs but we are sticking to follow rules:



1) We are sort of okay to mix and match any of the style - modern/transitional/farmhouse/rustic etc but sticking to some neutral color palette and throw some color which shows up our style in own way!

2) Every room (as I am decorating/designing kitchen, living, 3 bathrooms, mud room and master bedroom) needs some vintage vibe and some safer color big pieces(our mantra). I love playing with vintage elements when it comes to designing interior design. I feel it give anyone and KD carries very safe taste when it comes to space planning. As this quality gives me ample amount of options in all these places! 

3) Develop a mood board for every room for Cohesive look! I love developing mood board and show it KD for each and every room.  I love to treat KD as my client and show it my ideas. Believe it of not but that's the best for me to explore new color palette options for us.

Love to create more blog post on my upcoming home project! Stay tuned!!!



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