California is burning

Photo Source: The Japan Times

Photo Source: The Japan Times

Hello All,

As an interior designer, I truly believe that home is one of the most essential element where a person gets comfort & peace in their life. Home is the one where you would like to remember all sad and happy memories and build your life! I always tell KD that for me comfort and freedom in my home are the most essential things.

As you all know, last two weeks were toughest for California. Two wildfires and gun shots brought series of sad news in our state. As a cali resident, I am truly saddened and stunned with these events. I can’t not imagine what will happen if a person looses the house and there is no where to go while at the same time, San Jose area which is too far away from wildfire, is covered in smoke for a week!!! This last two weeks of November, I am trying to reconcile myself and think positive as much as I can for the victims and at the same time feeling grateful that I am in the position to help someone in-need.

I truly feel as a human being, if we can provide mental and financial support those wildfire victims by providing donations. It can be a great effort of ours. Due to these, this blogpost I would like to urge you all to donate for all these victims.

For donations, please contact Habitat for Humanities in California:

As it mentioned in Habitat for Humanity website, “Prior to these fires, new housing for low-to moderate-income families was already a significant challenge in California.  It is now critical for affected communities to prioritize rebuilding. Our local affiliates and volunteers will serve a critical role in rebuilding these communities once the fires are contained.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help serve the areas devastated by the wildfires.”

Thanks for all your support!

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