Happy Halloween

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Hello All! Wish you a very very Happy Halloween to all! I am sure you guys are ready to enjoy my favorite weather fall & holiday season! This year for us it’s bit different. We are not following our traditional Halloween food (Hearty Slow cooked Chilli & Baked Potatoes), as we have guests from our country. Instead we will consume some Indian food !!! I am sure, KD & I will miss those smells of chilli and baked potatoes in our kitchen.( I promise to make those fav chilli of his very soon).

In business side, we will open our shoppe very soon.. which will have list of favorite things of mine with fall/holiday flavor into it. Besides festivities & Shoppe, I am excited to go to craft show right across my home this weekend and in next week to enjoy one of my favorite festival “Diwali”!!! What about you guys!!

Hope you guys have a safe Halloween!!

See ya later !!!

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