Fall is here!

First of all sorry for being MIA!! I am so excited to say that we are 90% done with our reno. Also, we have guest arrival for next two months. So we will be quite busy in accommodating them and continue to accommodate ourselves :). In my MIA phase, KD and I visited Greece which was marvelous as well as relaxing trip for us. It was much needed trip after all these craziness. Now I am so ready to enjoy fall at the fullest. Fall is one of my favorite season. Throughout the year, I always crave for those fall pot roasts/chili & soups, warm smell of home cooked cookies, holiday decor and american football. Fall is prominent in east coast and I enjoyed all fall festivities at my time in east coast. I might not get strong fall season here in west coast but I am really ready to do all fall related stuff in my newly renovated home.

Like all season I would like to create a list- what I will be doing next two months:

  1. Make Potato & Leek soup for KD & I with warm toast of bread

  2. Watch a scary movie at the time of Halloween

  3. Find a signature home scent for fall ( I am looking for fall candles)

  4. Make a front yard - fall appropriate (adding wreath, pumpkins and some planters)

  5. Watch Football game whole day and do nothing!

  6. Host small friends gathering and enjoy some baked goodies! (not too formal)

  7. Follow fall beauty routine

  8. Redesign my site and work on business plan for next year ( a lot of things need to be done, I wish I have more hours in my hand to work on my own - with full time job, guests and reno it is bit challenging)

  9. Start and Finish a book ( I am open for the Good reading suggestions)

    What are some those things you are most excited about fall?