Bay Area Home Search

As I mention to all here, here and here about my big move and where I am up to. It is kinda hard to find perfect match where your lifestyle was really different back in east coast. We used to live in urbanized area where  transportation, restaurants and bars are so nearby. Now living and finding places in California, we changed our outlook to "Home Search". 

I am very surprised that now, I am not looking for certain things which was my priorities for my first homes. So here there are: (my small little list)

  • A tree lined streets

  • Nice manicured front yard and medium sized backyard

  • At least 3 bedrooms 2 bath (4 will be great)

  • Open Kitchen 

  • Place to keep my sheds where I can work on my art projects

  • Decent Schools (Not top but it Has to be okay for re-sale value) 

  • 20-25 min driving distance from my work 

I would love to hear your small little list as well. Hope to find my dream home ASAP. 


Simple 'N' Chic