Rules of Fall (aka Fall to-do list)

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Omg!!! I seriously don't believe that I am writing about Fall season to-do list. This year is end pretty soon than I expected and I have so much things on my plate to do. Fall is my favorite season among all. Living in California now, I do not experience so much of fall this year but I still have some east-coast spirit in my heart and I am so ready to enjoy it...

So here is the list of things to do this season:

  • Create Fall Wreath and hang in to my main door

  • Go to apple picking at the near by orchards (remembering good old east-coast days) 

  • Go to simple hike and hope to see some fall foliage 

  • Enjoy hot cup of cocoa in my backyard in regular basis

  • Visit pumpkin patch and host pumpkin carving party 

  • Open Etsy Shop  (I can't wait to share the whole collection with you all) 

  • Have a wonderful early -thanksgiving dinner with friends ( though I miss my family badly, it is nice to have people over in festive season) 

  • Visit Monterey Bay and Half Moon Bay for weekend trip 


What are some of the things you're most excited to do this fall?