Simple 'N' Chic Art/Craft Shop Collection Relived

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As you all know, I have been working on my Art/Craft Shop collection since spring. Frankly,  I have a lot of things to figure out before I open my shop for you all. But I think, I am at the point where I can at least give a glimpse of coming collection. As my main focus is always going to be ceramics and pottery; I have true love about glasses and painting as well. Later collections are going to be more focus in pottery but this collection is mix of both. 

As I lived in east coast for 10 years and now I am residing in west coast, I would like to mix to art in this transition phase. 


So Without any further talk, Let's jump in to Autumn 2017-18 Collection of my shop: 

Simple 'N' Chic Art/Craft Shop Collection (Autumn 2017-18)

 Pinch Bowls (Assorted Sizes and colors) 

 Large Mason Jars Set of 2 

 Decorative Trays (Assorted Sizes and colors)

 Recycled Bottle (Varies) 


 Succulent Planters 

 Candle Holders 

 Holiday Table Top  Lampshade 

 Distressed Mason Jars (Set of 3) 

 Flower Vases  (Assorted Sizes and colors)


I am still working on my logistics and terms and condition but I can't wait to get started on it. Let me know, if you guys need to know more about my collection! 


Simple 'N' Chic