Vases - An Etsy product

The flower vases are one of those items that I can think as an essential item in any home. Whether you are single, married or living with your room mates, I feel that I never came across a  person who do not find flower vase as a first item to come anyone's mind when it comes to decorate their homes.

Vase from CB2

Vase from CB2

Like many girls, I am sucker of many flower vases. This week, when I read this blog post on cupcakes and cashmere.  I thought my favorite blogger and I are on same page when it comes to flower vases. But to think little further on this topic, as a public sector employee, I want to make some sustainable decision. This creation of mine is dedicated to all my sustainable fellows out there. 

After moving in California, I start to recycle a lot. This gave me an idea of hand painting some of those. This flowerpot (image below) is actually some food curry sauce, I bought it from Trader Joes'. (Another local/sustainable store). I cleaned it and make it pretty with hand-painted and waterproofed with seaglass blue color.  Pairing with fresh white flower and favorite scented candles. (New blog post coming soon on: favorite pairing: Flowers and candles) 

I can't wait to share my product list in my upcoming blogpost. Stay tune for more fun details! 



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