Big Transition and Job Change in Short time

When I started this blog back in spring this year, I have mentioned about my big transition here. Unbelievably, but within last 5 months, I am facing another transition. Such as: I have changed another job, apartment and so on! We finally moved in to some permanent place where we can have our own stuff, and think about home searching process more peacefully. Besides pottery, I was always public sector employee. Since I worked for communities a lot and I always feel some sort of satisfaction and connection to the place where I live. So, in last May, when I was MIA from my blog posts and social media, I got a call that if I am interested in working for City of San Jose. It was bit early for me to change jobs but I always want to work for the big metro city.  So finally I jumped in to the opportunity. 

I am still in transition phase but it is fun phase. Three things I have learned in my transition so here they are:

1)      Patience:

In my last post, I mentioned about patience and this transition is no difference. This is one thing I guess, I am lacking. Ever since I am getting older and getting more life experiences, I have learnt that patience can solve half of your problems. I am fortunate enough to marry someone who has great patience in all matter. But this whole experience of moving and finding home has taught me a lot and I am sure, there are lot to learn.

2)      Believe:

Leaving your friends and family back in east coast was kind of big deal for me. I am in early 30s’ and for me (that’s my belief that) it is hard to make friends. I am very introverted by nature. Since I lost my support system (Friends and family), KD and I always questioned ourselves that did we make right decision? Are we able to make some friends? So, after 4 months of job change, I learnt that always believe in yourself. From my last 3 months’ job, I made great friends. It was very short time and I made some friends. So in future, we will meet some great friends and people for sure. (Hoping is the best exercise)

3)      No Judgement for anything

I don’t know who told us but someone said – if you are going to move to west coast, it is big change but don’t judge, give it a time. I think, that’s true. Judgement can lead in to negativity and you don’t want to live like that. We (specially KD) told ourselves that do not judge your job, area, and discomfort. Try to make best out it.  By doing this, I have so much positive things to say about Bay Area. I love the weather, people, and food.

So these are the three things I have learnt so far and I will keep on learning about it. I just excited for my future here. I will keep posting my updates through blog, Instagram and so on!

Till then,