My Pottery Journey: Pinch Bowl

Pinch Bowl in Process 

Pinch Bowl in Process 

As a person, I know that I am not a patience person. When I started pursuing pottery, I feel like I started learning how to feel, live  and enjoy each and every moment patiently. In my opinion, pottery teaches you how to be patience in your life. I started learning pottery through various tutorials online using youtube. First piece professionally, I made through self learning was pinch bowl. But unprofessionally I have made various different pieces using this method in my childhood. Growing up in India, I felt clay from age 2. We(my first cousin and I)  used to make small little toy- kitchen sets and play with it. During that time, I didn't realize that I used pinch bowl method to create primitive craft.  

ps. These bowls are assorted sizes and it can not use for food at all. It is made out of air dry clay and it is not waterproof. Despite being all these, below I have used these assorted bowls for different purposes. Pricing will be posted soon in our shop section!

Pinch Bowl - Jewelry Display


Pinch Bowl - Accessories/Small Tools Holders


Pinch Bowl - Key holders

By end of fall, I will be presenting  to all of you my first collection of clay and glass painted jar products. Keep reading and keep connected to social media. 



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