Summer To-do list

Summer is right around the corner and with this transition from east coast to west coast on my way... I guess it was perfect time for me to sit down, have a sip of wine and lay out my whole summer. In general, whenever summer comes I always feel that half year is gone and I have soo soo much to accomplished before December approaches. So without wasting any is the list.....


Decide final stages ofmy etsy product line and finalized it for end of the year release

  Find a home ...yes we are searching for that "perfect home" for our future...very exciting

Plan for the vacation (May be somewhere in Europe) :) 

Go for a nice hike with homemade lunch and make it a routine (if possible)

Plan a small bbq party with some of my new friends at my apartment patio

Try hang on to my driving habits... I haven't driven a car a lot in my past few years (Thanks New York!!!) I am planning to drive more now!!! Welcome to Cali


I think for me, it would be very busy but exciting summer!! What about you guys! Can't wait to hear your summer to-do list.



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