Make ahead breakfast - Scone

Summer is approaching fast and I am really ready to settle in and make California"my new home". Since you all know that any kind oftransition is always very tough, and I am still going through one...adjusting my lifestyle from east-coast to west-coast. New Environment, New Job, New friends, New Place and on and on and on..........So many new things! But same time,I thought thatit would be great to add some new good habits.

Honestly, I am not good with the breakfasts. There were certain days where I don't like to eat at all in the morning or I get lazy to make anything. So I decided to add this "good habit" to have breakfast no matter what! I am doing this for few days and frankly I am feeling awesome. On other hand, I don't like sweet breakfasts either so I decided to find out something savory which I can grab and go. Easy and simple recipes !!!  I dig up some recipes which are savory and I can make it small batches way ahead of time so that I don't have any excuse for no breakfasts.  I will try to post some insta stories in future about how this new habit "Having Breakfast in the morning" is going!!!!

I followed this recipes:

But in above recieps I made some alterations and added spinach and corridor leaves.

Love hear from you all about your make ahead breakfast idea!!!!

Comment down below and love to try your recipes.


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