Something to celebrate...Happy Mother's Day

Mother's day is right around the corner andI am so-so excited to present one of my environmentally friendly art creation which is perfect for my mother's day gift to my mom. She is so away from me. she lives in India and I always miss her in many of our important occasions specially such as Mother's day.  

In general when it comes to gifts, I love giving pure and clean gifts.  I feel, natural flowers bouquet is on of my favorite gift form out of all gifts.  Instead wrapping up in to some fancy papers and ribbons only, I always like to put them in to some hand-painted glass container so that a person can re-use that container as a vase for over and over again. And I guess, it is my style to give my own touch to it.

This product will be available soon for purchase

This product will be available soon for purchase

Believe it or not but this simple clean-lined jar I picked up from trash can of my apartment community. It was used pasta sauce jar which I cleaned and recycled it as a Flower Vase. At the end, I thought, putting those flowers in to thisjar seems well-put together gift for any mother.

To incorporate more design ideas in to recycle and reusable art form, Simple 'N' Chic is actively working on various other neighborhood organization.


This is somewhat satisfied me in a way that I have also put some extra efforts to this gift instead just telling a florist to wrap it up in cute paper. Mother is such an important feature of everyones' life, these small efforts of mine is not even countable. But I glad that with this art form, I was able to express gratitutde to all mothers. 

Hope you all have great Mother's Day. Let me know, how's your mother's day and what kind of gift ideas do you have?

Till then.......

Ciao from Simple 'N' Chic!!!!!