First Hi.... from Simple 'N' Chic

Hi there!!! I am so thrilled and excited to start a new blog. I am public sector employee and in my free time, I love to document about my life. I do pretty much same boring work everyday.. but here I can jazz it up. I always want to have some sort of small virtual space where I can connect with you all and develop my passion of pottery as well as glass painting. I had blog before called "The Daily Weekly" but at the end, I decided to move in to Simple 'N' Chic. The reason being, there are lot of things happening right now personally as well as professionally. Transition in to spring, moving in to new area (yes, I moved from east-coast to west-coast), new job and new friends (may be!!!). First I thought, let me wait and settled down, but I feel spring is the perfect time for me start something new!!!


Welcome to my blog! and see you soon!

- Simple 'N' Chic