3 beauty related things I can't leave without

When it comes to beauty, we all have something in common - "our beauty rescue tools". I am not exceptional either. I also rely on some tools but these three are my always go-to tools when it comes to fixes. 

1) Tweezers: 

Whether it is unwanted hair or dry skin, I feel, tweezers are my go to items in my beauty wardrobe. I collected so many tweezers but among all, I love my leopard printed angular tweezer which is able to pull of any dead skins or unwanted hairs. I got my this one from pharmacy stores. 

2) Cotton Pads: 

I wake up using cotton pads and  go to sleep after using cotton  pads.  Whether it is removing make up, cleaning face, having eye masks, removing nail polish or correcting make mistakes -cotton pads are the winners. I like the control, it gives me while circulating all over my face. I buy my cotton pads from Sephora. I kinda like the quality of it. 

3) Nail Polish Corrector: 

I love doing my own nails, specially manicures. That is one of my favorite activities to do. But I am not a  professional :) but I love professional looking nail.. ha who doesn't right? When I saw this one, in Ulta Beauty Store, I was tempted to buy it right away. This pen acts as a gem. I loved it so much, it will remove all imperfection and give you really nice and clear looking nails. 


These three are my go-to products when it comes to beauty. Love to hear from you all!!!



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