France Trip Overview


If you follow me in my instagram, there you must have seen multiple posting regarding Paris and French Rivera trip. KD and I just had awesome France trip last September. After moving to California, we are on our roll to settle in. Whether it is changing job quickly, selling our east-coast condo or home search in crazy bay area market. KD and I thought, it is much needed break we both needed. We spent 10 full days and 2 travelling days outside country. Walking around streets of France where you feel that you are surrounded by rich culture, history and awesome people. We had lot of fun overall. We ate lots and lots of good food(soon I will post food post regarding good vegetarian options restaurants in Paris). By end of our trip, I was fully recharged. I didn't know think about my home search struggle or new job. It was full break. Here is some glimps of France trip: 

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