Green Plants Home Decor Ideas


I am not one of those plant lady where adding green is no. 1 thing in my home interiors project but I do believe that green plans adds calmness and relax mood to the surrounding. Being home decorist and enthusiastic myself, I always fail to keep these plants in the best decorative form. As our home renovation is going to end soon, it would be good time to consult my instincts and find out types of planters 


1) Use Bamboo Baskets or overhanging planter to keep indoor plants in different dimensions. 


2) Use Concrete planters (soon to be in our shop) 


Concrete is new trend of year 2018. I will be adding few concrete planters in our shop and it will give good modern vibe. 

3) Ceramic/Wood Vase as Planter


4) Airplants 


Airplants are new way to add green in to your interior space and it is known for air purifier. I can't wait to show our new project where we added air plants in entire wall. 


What do you think about adding plants with different home decor items? 


Comment down below. 


Simple 'N' Chic

Summer to-do list


Summer is right around the corner, so it's time for Simple 'N' Chic team and I to go through all chores and make decent list of things to do before Labor Day.  Since I'm a sucker of to-do list (you can see past posts here and here). I've come across these ten things, I would like to accomplished in upcoming season. 

 Visit Strawberry picking farm with friends and make strawberry shortcake :)

Host pool party and make a facelift to the backyard (In process already yayyy)

Go and visit candle making class with my friends

Finish Pergola and add some edison lighting for alfresco dining

Done with  Renovation  project and get ready to buy new furniture & host more dining parties

Go to outdoor concert with KD

Finish product line details and open a shop for you all :) (Can't wait)

Make home ready for our parents visits this year

Go take some short trip nearby (may be Yosemite? )

Go to Sausalito for wine tasting and fireworks


I'd love to know - what are you most looking forward to this summer?

leave us comment!!!


Grow Succulent Plants as Indoor Plants


Adding greens through succulent is my favorite thing to do! Between two of us, KD has amazing green thumb while I am lacking in that department. I like growing succulent because it is comparatively easy to take care of.  This summer I decided to bring succulent plant to home. One work day, when KD came home, I grabbed him to nursery nearby and indulge awesome afternoon with nursery for succulents planting and we ended our evening with drinking in Al fesco styled bar nearby. Besides these joy which I love to share as a couple, this blogpost is all about tips and tricks we gathered during our visit. So here are the tips! 

  • Make Succulent arrangement in a way so that all the plants get chance to grow in proper way. It will give cleaner look to the overall pot. 

  • Decorate with pebbles and stones. It is misconception that Succulents like dry but some succulents like water as well! so make sure regarding type of succulents. Ask you gardener or landscaper for perfect take care guide

  • And lastly, make sure you provide enough direct sunlight to your pot. I have killed so many succulent plants because of this. Sunlight is must for succulent plants. 

Hope you guys inspired to grow some greens inside your interior decor. 

Adding green environment in to interior design


As a designer, I somehow have a soft corner for adding green plants in to my design. And before I started my practice, I remember I loved buying indoor plants and used to decorate our tiny apartments. Now, KD & I are going through this massive renovation projects, and many of my clients' places have those awesome niches (perks of working in old home reno projects), use airy places, it would fun for me  to play with lush greens and earthy tones. This is our first blog post of this month! This month, I would love to talk about more in upcoming series: All about green plant.

Meanwhile, I would like to keep this short as we just came from first lonnngggg summer weekend !

PS: we are offering free home consultation for first 25 clients! (Virtually & In-Person)


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Eclectic Style Elements


When my client tells me I want my room to be design as eclectic style, I somehow feel ethnic. I feel, I need to add more ethnic pieces which speaks client's personal taste and origin. It also give me an opportunity to play with these styles with different color and textures. So before I go on and on and on, let's talk about some of the points how to pull together eclectic style and ending this great month of styling. 

Add jewel tones + cultural pieces and some creative art in same interior design frame.
— Simple 'N' Chic
For me Ecelectic style is all about some big bold signature furniture piece! :)
— Simple 'N' Chic
Look for client’s cultural heritage, being Indian for me adding elements like traditional handwoven carpet in kitchen is must but every person can find her/his own signature piece like this.
— Simple 'N' Chic

Hope you guys have great long weekend ! I will come up with some other series next month :) 


Simple 'N' Chic