One year anniversary of bay area living

 Lake Tahoe, CA

Lake Tahoe, CA

KD and I are celebrating our one year anniversary here in Bay Area! Today I just want to say hi and thank all our readers to share this special virtual space called  "Simple 'N' Chic". We started my blog and home decor shop/interior design firm after moving away from our small family and friends! When we moved here, we decided that we won't judge anything for atleast a year.




When you live in one place for so many years, then you move to new place and you start comparing both  places. We deliberately try not to compare and it worked! In short, I just want to add and say, Bay Area has it's own charm and we can not wait to experience it! 


Thanks for all your support! Have a great weekend! 


Simple 'N' Chic Team

Choosing Colors and Filling Colors


As you all know from my previous blog posts, KD and I are going through big renovations. When we decided to renovate, as a designer/artist, I made thumb rule to stick to certain colors in neutral color palette and tie each other. I am really excited to go through this journey with KD as he has really good tast when it comes to designing home. As a designer, I would like to implement transitional/farmhouse vintage feel in to it, while KD has his own style when it comes to interior designs but we are sticking to follow rules:



1) We are sort of okay to mix and match any of the style - modern/transitional/farmhouse/rustic etc but sticking to some neutral color palette and throw some color which shows up our style in own way!

2) Every room (as I am decorating/designing kitchen, living, 3 bathrooms, mud room and master bedroom) needs some vintage vibe and some safer color big pieces(our mantra). I love playing with vintage elements when it comes to designing interior design. I feel it give anyone and KD carries very safe taste when it comes to space planning. As this quality gives me ample amount of options in all these places! 

3) Develop a mood board for every room for Cohesive look! I love developing mood board and show it KD for each and every room.  I love to treat KD as my client and show it my ideas. Believe it of not but that's the best for me to explore new color palette options for us.

Love to create more blog post on my upcoming home project! Stay tuned!!!



Simple 'N' Chic


Design Style I live by


When someone asks me about my design ideas or home decor choices, I feel it all goes back to basics! I learnt all these basics from observations and ancient culture. During my undergruadte studies in architecture/interior design, I learnt in depth about scale, harmony and order from ancient cities and buildings, all our ancient buildings built around some basic principles and its still one of the best creative pieces! That's why someone always say - Old is Gold! 

 Right now, I am designing my home decor line and home itself which reminds me all these! so, for people who are eager to know how my design/home decor line will here is the rules I go by:

1) Lighting: 


Many art pieces (as I make vases a lot) or my interior design spaces require adequate amount of lighting. I have a motto not too much and not to little. Whether it is my vintage jars with yellow tinted paint or solid white jars!Whether it is bright living room or man-cave with small little sun tunnel! If you work out your lighting part of it, your design will speak by itself! 

2) Colors: 


Colors are language to me! Peoples' first impression is always going be colors. Colors in artifact or interior design can play active, passive or neutral role in the design. In my design I would love to play focal points that's why I paint vases which can create focal point to any interior spaces. Colors will reflect your personality and I guess it's great medium to me :)

3) Incorporating Antiques: 


I am a big sucker of adding antique in to my designs. Antique doors, decor items are my favorites. I am excited to include some of my antique designs in to the shop. I feel vintage looks give that sophisticated high-class look if it is done right! With my new reno projects I am so so excited to pull up some vintage vibe to it. 


I do have more rules in my cheat sheet but these three are the primary one! 

Next updates on my shop and new interior design projects! 

Stay tuned! 


Simple 'N' Chic



Year 2018 Trend Alert: Concrete


I  moved here in United States in 2007 right after I finished my architecture program in India. My first job was in small town called Bethlehem, PA as an Intern Architect. I was fortunate enough to work in small boutique firm where I got an experience to work on residential alterations and addition projects. Now, I have my new place, I mentioned to you guys here.  But many details and room is not the way we wanted so we decided to go for extreme make over. 

Having an architecture degree in my hand, I felt some how responsible to keep my home up to the "designer standards."What that means - for me designer standards is to identify universal trends (which is not going to go out of style in a year or two) and implement it in a way to enhance the beauty of interiors in pleasing way. Phew... to many heavy talk long story short I looked in 2018 trends of interior design here and one trend impressed me a lot is "concrete and black/grey trend". As a designer and art lover, I decided to develop a product which I can incorporate in to my interior design. So here they are: Tiny pink plates. 


Tiny pink plates can be food safe and use as dessert plate or appetizer plate. These plates can be use as ring tray or small make up holder. Tiny pink plates will be in our shop soon!! 



Along with this product update, I am starting to provide initial free consultation for interior design your room or place. Contact us here for free consultation


January - Interior Inspirations

And here we are.. we are done with  January 2018. As much as I love crisp cold weather outside, I truly adore and want to buy  cozy stuff for myself and new home. This blogpost I would like to show some of those decor items, I would love to include in my interior design. As KD gave me an authority to take some design decisions on our big home renovation project. As of now, we have approved drawings and so.. ready to pull the trigger! But today it's all about some of my favorite all time favorite styles for this month. I am ending this month with great launch of new series! hope you all had awesome year start!!! 



Can't wait to find out your inspiration!!! please comment down below :) 


Simple 'N' Chic