Ligthen up with Candles


KD and I are enjoying our new cali home in this warm winter at fullest. Besides rain for last two days, we love it over here!  Ever since, I moved to United States, I have experienced brutal winter snow storm in the months  of December, January and February. (Thank you East Coast!!!) Although, snow has its own charm, I will never get tired of warm cali winters. As first time owning backyard, we are enjoying our dinners, breakfasts and afternoon tea in our backyard in these months. During one of those evening, while KD and I were enjoying our dinners, I felt it would be great to have cute little candle besides on patio coffee table. I started creating sketches and concepts of this designs and ended up developing this cute little tea light candle holders. (Soon to be on my shop #staytune). These candle holders can be used in any parties, wedding or any where! 





Looking Forward for 2018


Wish you a very happy new year from Simple 'N' Chic team! 2017 has been passed like Storm for me. It started with awesome trip of Hawaii and ended with great  home-vacation at our "new home in California. In between a lot happen (in a good way) but I am so so excited to welcome this new year with new opportunities, and new challenges. I am not one of those person who likes to make big "resolution" and no more following it in few days. Actually I don't believe in idea of "resolution" at all. Instead KD and I are so excited to take our new projects in to another level. 

Also, I am very excited to share launch of my shop very soon. Hope you all are having awesome start and stay warm my east coast friends!!!! 



Simple 'N' Chic  

Simple 'N' Chic product update


As a creative person, I Iike to engage with my roots and heritage. I certainly feel that it will bring back with excellent form of art in a product form. Tie and Dye is one of the ancient Indian art. In today's post I would like to share  and thank my heritage. (Thanksgiving special..huh); I grew up with rich history and lots and lot of local art. Whether it is tie and dye/Shibori prints or pottery. 

This is a blog post on Tie and Dye scraf... I can't wait to put more "Tie and Dye" scarfs and placemats on my store!!!



Hope you all are ready for this weekend and start cooking!!!



Simple 'N' Chic



We finally found our home!!!!!

Pretty Sky on the day of our closing ... Had drinks in downtown to celebrate home purchase

Pretty Sky on the day of our closing ... Had drinks in downtown to celebrate home purchase

Yes.. A lot happen between our last Paris trip to this November. We finally found our home. It seems like every struggle, every discovery has some result to it. We came back from Paris and ended up looking in to this place.  The place is not the exactly what I am looking for but this place has exact same vibe which I desire. I am very kind of a person who want to live in "Happy Vibed Place". This is what I felt, as soon as I walked in to the home. 

First Coffee by our pool

First Coffee by our pool

It is perfect home for us. It has enough space where we can grow. I am very excited to show you our process for this home to have our stamp on it. We are still living in boxes but more reno projects and renovations are on our way!!! I can't wait to ride journey with you all. 


I will post More  pictures soon!!!!!



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3 beauty related things I can't leave without

When it comes to beauty, we all have something in common - "our beauty rescue tools". I am not exceptional either. I also rely on some tools but these three are my always go-to tools when it comes to fixes. 

1) Tweezers: 

Whether it is unwanted hair or dry skin, I feel, tweezers are my go to items in my beauty wardrobe. I collected so many tweezers but among all, I love my leopard printed angular tweezer which is able to pull of any dead skins or unwanted hairs. I got my this one from pharmacy stores. 

2) Cotton Pads: 

I wake up using cotton pads and  go to sleep after using cotton  pads.  Whether it is removing make up, cleaning face, having eye masks, removing nail polish or correcting make mistakes -cotton pads are the winners. I like the control, it gives me while circulating all over my face. I buy my cotton pads from Sephora. I kinda like the quality of it. 

3) Nail Polish Corrector: 

I love doing my own nails, specially manicures. That is one of my favorite activities to do. But I am not a  professional :) but I love professional looking nail.. ha who doesn't right? When I saw this one, in Ulta Beauty Store, I was tempted to buy it right away. This pen acts as a gem. I loved it so much, it will remove all imperfection and give you really nice and clear looking nails. 


These three are my go-to products when it comes to beauty. Love to hear from you all!!!



Simple 'N' Chic